Ramat Gan Museum for Modern Art, Ramat Gan, Israel, 2016

Gilam is trying to stretch the border of his paintings and illustrations.

As an artist that has worked with different industrial materials both in the public space and in the studio, Gilam's visual language is enhanced by his use of the materials used to present the paintings, whether it is the canvas or the wooden frames used for stretching and in this exhibition they are given an artistic value and presence as an inherent part of the exhibition.

The use of these materials together with plexi-glass, cardboard and neon lights create a hybrid of painting and installation, spread acroos the museum space. 

For many years, Gilam's paintings were focused on an androgynous figure in different sizes, naked in always in an intimate position, standing or sitting and always floating in mid air, not connected to the canvas. It is a faceless figure as life has been sucked out of it or as a figure waiting to be filled with a new identity. The contour of this figure quivers as if describing a previous trial to depict it, before it could find the right place for it to lay on the canvas, giving the sense that time is of importance for each painting.

The relationship of the artist with this figure reminds of a relationship of an artist with his model but in this exhibition the model is already deep inside the artists mind and he paints it again and again, without the need to look at it, tearing it apart and building it again.

Ayelet Hashahar-Cohen, curator

© 2017 Gidi Gilam. Designed by Gidi Gilam


Photos by: Dafna Gazit, Tal Nisim & Barak Brinker.