The Past Is A Different Country
Memorial Museum, Curitiba, Brazil, 2018

Gidi Gilam is a visual collector - everything that attracts him, be it instagram posts, urban landscape, advertisement, etc. becomes part of an ever growing archive from which he uses fragments of images to create a collage - a pre-painting structure of composition and color, as if he is extracting quotations from a text. The choices the artist makes, the cutting and editing of the images, create a different dialogue between the composition elements making the hierarchies of the original images to be absent.


In the artist’s paintings, the flat color planes represent a diffused reminder to the past context - thus breaking the obvious perception of a reference. This blurring of the ability to identify the images the artist used enables the viewer to make a decision, to imagine a narrative.


Thinking about the past - bringing in to view the invisible - involves innumerable possibilities of discourse, among them, the artist's practice and his choice of transformations of images, which in a sense, once placed in the archive, are labeled as part of the past, but are being processed in the present.

The present day is distinctly identified with the strength of the image and vision as the fundamental sense for decoding and understanding reality. Gidi Gilam’s works take advantage of this - stimulating new possibilities of seeing the present.


Marina Ramos, curator

© 2017 Gidi Gilam. Designed by Gidi Gilam


Photos by: Dafna Gazit, Tal Nisim & Barak Brinker.